My feedback on the town square

I’ve written and sent my feedback on the Featherston Town Square plans. It’s a bit rough and not my best work, but we’ve had a rough couple of days.

Overall this design for the Featherston Town Square looked initially impressive.

I love the Cherry Tree theme moving from the park into the Town Square. It links the area together into a more cohesive space. Liking the pergolas, these will also bring the areas together.

As a mother of two boys who love to Stake Park, I appreciate the picnic tables placed there. Could we please have a sun shade sail?

Please fence the Playground. From talking to other parents in town and parents who stop and play in the playground we would all appreciate having the playground fenced. I really like the fence around the playground in Pahiatua. It would encourage people to stop for longer. A secure playground would allow one parent to watch the children while the other goes shopping.

Can the rotunda be larger so bands can perform there? More of a sound stage with electricity? It would increase its usefulness and purposes. And be a better shelter in poor weather.

I really like the Wind Grass Sculpture. Please leave it where it is.

In the middle of the Railway Oval (Clifford Square) Can we please have a child’s cycle playground like in Napier? This would be such a draw card for travellers and locals alike, or perhaps around the stake park or in part of the playground? We took our boys up to the one in Napier and they loved it. It gave them such confidence with their cycling.

Both my husband and I hate the tunnel under SH2. It would be a great place for thugs to hang out and the tunnel would fill with graffiti before we know it. It would also be the perfect place for muggings and rapes.

We also passionately dislike the idea of container shops; it feels too much like a town in crisis. I’d rather have small attractive shops for locals to sell their own crafts any day of the week and during market days.

I hope that all the feedback is provided to the designer so it can be worked through again to keep the over all feel.

There I hope that is sufficient and gone to the right place as there was no email address I could find to send my feedback (I cannot print anything right now.) and I’d hate for this to drop in the ether.

Wairarapa Midweek April 7, 2015 page 1
Wairarapa Midweek April 7, 2015 page 1

Wairarapa Midweek April 7, 2015 page 3

We made it into the Wairarapa Midweek.

It is impressive design, I hope it does not loose that impressiveness with consultation. Already the train turn around the wind grass is in doubt, not enough turning circle. Shipping containers? Really?

It’s out!

This morning the South Wairarapa District Council released the Featherston town center concept plans. The plans along with a feedback form are available from the website.

People I talked to lastnight and today are already poking holes in it. I’m just glad people seem to paying more attention this time around.

Is that a tunnel under the road between the town square and cherry tree parK? Or will a crossing go there?

I’ve been told the turning circle for the train around the wind grass is too tight for the train.

The traffic calming on Fox Street reduces visibility. Why don’t they close Fox Street between the intersection on Fitzherbert St and Birdwood Street?

How big is the amphitheater?

Are those shipping containers? They look like shipping containers.

Time will tell what happens. I suggest you have a look at the plans, ask questions and provide feedback to Council.

If you are a member of the Featherston Ratepayers and Residents Association you can talk to anyone on the Committee about helping you, or joining in with their feedback.

plans are a-foot

The Council has released the proposed plans for the Zen Garden and surrounds to a small portion of the Featherston Community. In the next few days the drawings will be available on line. (I will post the link up as soon as I know about it).

I’ve been lucky enough to see the plans, having received a copy late last night. On first blush it looks promising. It includes an extension to the Mini Train line around the wind grass sculpture. An amphitheater type structure. Space for artisans and pop up shops. The land zone commercial remains as such with no direct plans for development. The addition of trees and spaces to sit. A war memorial of men and horses marching along the main road towards the hills. Fox Street between Clifford Square and the Zen Garden having the addition of pedestrian friendly traffic calming objects.

There is no timeline for the development and no funding so still readlly pie in the sky kind of stuff. Perhaps funding will be allocated in the LTP? Perhaps Featherston once presented with what the Council wants will have to fund it ourselves. Or perhaps a beloved benefactor will charge forward and save us from financial ruin.

Lets wait and see if the majority or at least the vocal part of town come back with any positive feedback. I suggest people participate in the process, no matter how concluded it feels or appears.