plans are a-foot

The Council has released the proposed plans for the Zen Garden and surrounds to a small portion of the Featherston Community. In the next few days the drawings will be available on line. (I will post the link up as soon as I know about it).

I’ve been lucky enough to see the plans, having received a copy late last night. On first blush it looks promising. It includes an extension to the Mini Train line around the wind grass sculpture. An amphitheater type structure. Space for artisans and pop up shops. The land zone commercial remains as such with no direct plans for development. The addition of trees and spaces to sit. A war memorial of men and horses marching along the main road towards the hills. Fox Street between Clifford Square and the Zen Garden having the addition of pedestrian friendly traffic calming objects.

There is no timeline for the development and no funding so still readlly pie in the sky kind of stuff. Perhaps funding will be allocated in the LTP? Perhaps Featherston once presented with what the Council wants will have to fund it ourselves. Or perhaps a beloved benefactor will charge forward and save us from financial ruin.

Lets wait and see if the majority or at least the vocal part of town come back with any positive feedback. I suggest people participate in the process, no matter how concluded it feels or appears.


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