It’s out!

This morning the South Wairarapa District Council released the Featherston town center concept plans. The plans along with a feedback form are available from the website.

People I talked to lastnight and today are already poking holes in it. I’m just glad people seem to paying more attention this time around.

Is that a tunnel under the road between the town square and cherry tree parK? Or will a crossing go there?

I’ve been told the turning circle for the train around the wind grass is too tight for the train.

The traffic calming on Fox Street reduces visibility. Why don’t they close Fox Street between the intersection on Fitzherbert St and Birdwood Street?

How big is the amphitheater?

Are those shipping containers? They look like shipping containers.

Time will tell what happens. I suggest you have a look at the plans, ask questions and provide feedback to Council.

If you are a member of the Featherston Ratepayers and Residents Association you can talk to anyone on the Committee about helping you, or joining in with their feedback.


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