So, its inevitable. I guess I’ve not written for a while because the MenzShed is going ahead and the “Town Square” is going ahead in spite of many people not wanting it to happen. It is set in stone and no amount of talking or letter writing or appealing to the Minister will stop it.

We will end up with an unusable space that will be a graffiti magnet and be un friendly to locals and visitors alike.

We will have an empty lot because the Mayor doesn’t understand what economic development means and what is most needed in Featherston is someone who knows what economic development means and how to achieve it, or to at least know the right people to get to achieve it.

So what’s next?

Best to concentrate on the things we can change rather than whinge about the things we cannot. Perhaps one day we can drive a digger through the “town square” and start afresh…


Foundations begin on MenzShed site

It’s all on now. The MenzShed foundations are underway. I’ve only gotten down to see them once, but the MenzShed Facebook page is posting update photos almost daily. I thought I saw the SWDC Mayor on a digger but I cannot find the article from the Wairarapa Times Age now.

What do you think of the MenzShed location? Will this be to the advantage of Featherston or will it and it’s accompanying shipping box just increase to the eye sore that is the Zen Garden?

Will a developer be able to work around the MenzShed?

Will a developer want to come in and build anything now?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a MenzShed. But I know I don’t like it on our main street. There are other places to put it. There are other and better uses for the space that could grow our town economically. Provide jobs for people.

And if I were a betting person, which I’m not, I’d run a book on how long it would take for the buildings and shipping container to be tagged. How cynical is that!


So, there is this thing called Notification. It seams to happen when somebody like Council? want to change or add in a significant way to Public property. Say putting a building on Council land that is zoned a park, or some such. I’m a little vague on the details. I cannot easily find anything in the Local Government Act. But I’ve been sick with the flu so I’m a little off my game.

The movement of the BottleO onto the site proposed has not been Notified.

Notification, as far as I can tell, gives the public time to object to the placement of any such building.

But its not been done in this case. No explanation as to why, but that’s been the theme of this pony show all along.

So the BottleO is going in a place where no one closely involved actually wants it. There has been no Notification process to allow public address or opinion and only one Community Board member seamed concerned by this.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions… 

Working Bee

On Sunday 20 July 2014 a Working Bee was held by the members of the MenzShed on the site where the Trusthouse BottleO will be moving to. They have removed some of the horrid fence I disliked so much and moved some dirt around. This is in preparation of the move of the BottleO over to its new site.

20140721-05_FeatherstonZenGarden 20140721-06_FeatherstonZenGarden

The Featherston MenzShed have a Facebook page you can follow if you are interested in what they do and the movement of their building. I applaud what they are about. I am sad that they have been put in this situation by the Council. But I am hopeful of the contribution which they will give to the town. I hope the best for them as a group.

Someone said to me last night. What about the Gusto/Lotto building? What is happening to that? Why not move that onto the #FeatherstonZenGarden so it can be used as a commercial building? Perhaps with some work it could be the central Information Centre people keep asking for? Perhaps it could be a shop for a baker or a bookbinder or a milkshake bar, with pool and pinball machines. A warm hangout place.

And could someone please put some seats up so we can sit in the sun on a dry winters day! The only seats around are either out of town or under the trees.

I like to think the rain washes things clean. The buildings and footpath and rocks take on a sheen not seen during the summer. You see a place at its worst in the winter and hope for a bright summer. I like rocks, funnily enough having spent 4 years of my life looking at them. People always make fun of the rocks. But the rocks are the only things that will endure, and even then they too will change their appearance. This may be why I like the idea of a Rock Garden so much. No matter what happens to the people, the houses, the plants, it’ll be the rocks that tell our story in millions of years. It will be the roads and foot paths and toilet bowls that will show how we lived now to the future.

Mountains will rise and fall.

Seas will come and go.

Ice will carve monuments to time in the rock.

The silliness of man will be forgotten amongst the stars that we are made of.