Summer Activity

The Town Square or squircle has seen some activity over the Summer. These lovely people have been running fun events. They were missed on the first friday in March. Autumn you see.

The South Wairarapa District Council have proposed usage guidelines on page 111 of this document; I strongly encourage anyone interested in running an event at the Town Square to take a look and let the Community Board and the Council know what you think.

These guidelines will not stop the public using the Town Square in an ah-hoc manner.

There is some discussions on Facebook about starting up a craft market there. Which as a crafts person I’d love to see. Somewhere I can sell my books would be great.

What else can the Town Square be used for?

  • A outside movie theatre?
  • Fun events?
  • Community gatherings?
  • a starting point for treasure hunts?

Have a think and share.