An ideas page is now open

I, like many people in Featherston have had various ideas of what to do with the Zen Garden, and other spaces in Featherston. I now have a page that can list all those ideas. I’ve already listed some of mine and some others I’ve heard around the place. But I will be adding more as people tell me their ideas. I’m attending the Positively Featherston meetings, so I hope to gain some ideas from there as well. If you’d like to email me your ideas for inclusion on the page then use Thanks.


Recent meetings

On Tuesday night was the Featherston Community Board meeting. Kudos to Sue Fox for getting some traction on the “Zen Garden”. It looks like we will get some real community consultation on the future of the ZenGarden. I will link up the meeting minutes as soon as I know they are up on the SWDC website.

On Wednesday night was the Positively Featherston meeting, led by Julia Reed. I think it was a great meeting. There are some wonderful ideas and skills in Featherston. There are some minutes coming out soon and I hope to have them up here. The group is planning another meeting next month to break into project groups, one of those been communications. Come along on Wednesday 23 July 7:30 pm at the Community Centre.

The next meeting is the Featherston Residents and Ratepayers Association. Sunday 3pm at the Community Centre.

Featherston Community Board Meeting tonight

Featherston Community Board Meeting tonight

The Community Board meeting is tonight and its sounding like its going to se very interesting. I’ll be heading along to see what happens. I chose not to speak this time as there are other more articulate and passionate people than I who wish to.

Don’t forget you can stay for the whole meeting unless they officially close it to the public to discuss secret stuff.

I suggest you take a copy of the agenda and agenda documents with you as they don’t usually have any available.


Don’t forget there is the Positively Featherston meeting on tomorrow night at the Community Centre and on Sunday the Featherston Residents and Ratepayers Association meeting. They will be setting up so now is the time to participate and make a difference. 

All quiet on the front

It’s been a wee while since the Zen Garden has been in the media. I’ve heard the Featherston Community Board has a full agenda. I’ll be going along to see what happens. It’s a busy week of events next week. Tuesday is the Community Board, Wednesday is Positively Featherston and Sunday afternoon is the inaugural meeting of the Featherston Residents and Ratepayers Association. It’s gall happening next week it quiet little Featherston. Don’t forget to get out and participate. The Council won’t know what we want unless we tell them.

Something postive for out little town

We discovered this 5 years ago. Buying a house in Featherston was the most affordable and appealing option for us. The thought of been able to settle down and raise our family in one place was too good an opportunity to pass up. I recently posed the question on why Featherston on the Wairarapa Commuters Facebook page and got a resounding positive response.

From the Wairarapa Times Age on 14 June 2014 Housing price war favours rail town

Edi Rama – Take back your city with paint

Edi Rama – Take back your city with paint

I’m an avid TED viewer. I love so many of the talks. This one however resonated with me in light of the current situation in my home town of Featherston. While we are not a city, we are a town with a poor reputation. We have some run down buildings in need of a lick of paint with graffiti on them. There is even one with a green roof, which used to be red, but the grass has taken over. The Council buildings are in need of a lick of paint too. We have some heritage buildings and we are getting a shiny new supermarket complete with café and post shop. I’ve added this here to encourage people to think about what can be done at a grass roots level. One can of paint at a time.

Edi Rams’s Blog Some of the buildings look amazing.