Exciting new food for Featherston

The proprietors of Everest Cafe are venturing out and opening an Asian Fusion restaurant. How awesome it that! I am already looking forward to eating there. The food and service at Everest is great and I’m anticipating that this new venture will be the same.

I’m a bit sad that the retro shop closed.


Uncovering History

While this story is not related to the #FeatherstonZenGarden it is in town.

Old Firestone advertising has been uncovered at the petrol station. It was reported in the Featherston, Wairarapa page a few days ago, but it’s popped up in the Wairarapa Times Age.

How should this little piece of history be saved? The cynic in me wonders how long it will last untagged.

Martinborough Community Centre

It appears the Martinborough Town Hall project has undergone some evolution. It is now the Martinborough Community Centre.

Looks nice doesn’t it? And they are using our rates to pay for it!

I’m a bit annoyed about this really. I mean, who is going to use it? How will the Communities who funded it, and I’m including Featherston and Greytown in this, going to benefit from it? Martinborough is a corner town, a small corner town with not alot going for it. It’s a destination town with nothing to go there for. If the Council chambers left that town would be done.

Actually I think the Council seat for the whole Wairarapa needs to be in Featherston. It’s the town before the hill and therefore will be central once any amalgamation happens with Wellington. It will be as far as any Wellington official is going to want to drive.

I think the money can be spent elsewhere to a greater benefit to our community.

Edi Rama – Take back your city with paint

Edi Rama – Take back your city with paint

I’m an avid TED viewer. I love so many of the talks. This one however resonated with me in light of the current situation in my home town of Featherston. While we are not a city, we are a town with a poor reputation. We have some run down buildings in need of a lick of paint with graffiti on them. There is even one with a green roof, which used to be red, but the grass has taken over. The Council buildings are in need of a lick of paint too. We have some heritage buildings and we are getting a shiny new supermarket complete with café and post shop. I’ve added this here to encourage people to think about what can be done at a grass roots level. One can of paint at a time.

Edi Rams’s Blog Some of the buildings look amazing.


I have been wanting to record events around the ‘Zen Garden’ for some time; it has been difficult to decide how I was going to do that.

About me: I have lived in Featherston since Jan 2010. We decided to buy our first home here for a few reasons: affordability, closeness to Wellington (easy commute by train), small urban area, reasonable school, walking distance to everything we might need, 3 bedroom house on a 1/4 acre section. Nice.

About the Zen Garden: When we moved here it was a old art deco post office used as a antique shop, which never seemed to be open; and a cinder block supermarket that smelt bad so I didn’t go in. Locals seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when the cinder block was demolished, but there was a gasp of surprise when the art deco post office went under the digger claws too.

Then… that was it. Nothing changed. Promises were made… and broken. Ideas rose and fell like the earth during an earthquake.

Then, in what seemed like a flurry of activity, a feedback form came out. 150 people worked on their submissions, some for weeks. Then a summary came out. Then the disbelief began. Numbers were too close to call on a yes or no. There was confusion about the nature of the form; was it a feedback or a poll? Then, in what seemed like a bad dream, a new proposal went straight to Council. Where was the consultation we had been promised? Then, deferral; but all the while, an urgency to finalise a decision before the end of July.

Which is where we are now – stuck between wanting to be consulted on what our own town will look like, and feeling the Council see us as ungrateful children. This has already expressed in the comments of a news article. But how would you react, if someone told you this is the way it will be in Featherston, while other towns around us get a bona fide consultation process, and a say in the direction of their future?