Foundations begin on MenzShed site

It’s all on now. The MenzShed foundations are underway. I’ve only gotten down to see them once, but the MenzShed Facebook page is posting update photos almost daily. I thought I saw the SWDC Mayor on a digger but I cannot find the article from the Wairarapa Times Age now.

What do you think of the MenzShed location? Will this be to the advantage of Featherston or will it and it’s accompanying shipping box just increase to the eye sore that is the Zen Garden?

Will a developer be able to work around the MenzShed?

Will a developer want to come in and build anything now?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a MenzShed. But I know I don’t like it on our main street. There are other places to put it. There are other and better uses for the space that could grow our town economically. Provide jobs for people.

And if I were a betting person, which I’m not, I’d run a book on how long it would take for the buildings and shipping container to be tagged. How cynical is that!


Loco in Featherston

A few weeks ago a new Café opened in Featherston. Loco. Nestled between CTC and Totem. A trip to check out the coffee was duly conducted. They use Havana coffee and make great coffee, and I’m told Hot Chocolate. This week they made it into the Wairarapa Times Age. No mean feat for a place in Featherston. The people who run it are lovely. I wish I had a spare $150 for the mosaic course as its something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Come along and support our newest café and shop.