a long break

I’ve been away from this topic for a long while. I have continued to take photos of the Town Square progress; which I will endeavour to upload. I think once the work started I became completely disillusioned with what was happening. For me it’s a vanity project. We don’t need it, we can do without it. The space can be better used for commercial space, which we need. The Council processes around that have being very “he said vs she said”. Claims that offers of development didn’t reach desks, and then talking to people in the Community who did make offers of development; I can’t tell if its incompetence or something more sinister.

So I stopped writing because I was too disappointed about it.

I live in a great little town. But as always in little towns some people consider themselves big fish. For me having lived elsewhere big fish in little towns are often just small fish elsewhere. There seems to be a certain amount of silo building around, not just inside the Council but in the town itself. Too many projects and not enough people to do them justice. Too many people throwing their big fish weight around and not enough asking of questions and  listening to the Community. Of course most of this unpleasantness could have been avoided if all the documents relating to the Featherston Zen Garden had being clear and transparent.

Lets hope the incoming Council, whomever it’s made up of is willing to go the distance to ensure we have that transparency and the public consultation we all so desperately want. Not just to be heard, but to feel that we have being heard.