Loco in Featherston

A few weeks ago a new Café opened in Featherston. Loco. Nestled between CTC and Totem. A trip to check out the coffee was duly conducted. They use Havana coffee and make great coffee, and I’m told Hot Chocolate. This week they made it into the Wairarapa Times Age. No mean feat for a place in Featherston. The people who run it are lovely. I wish I had a spare $150 for the mosaic course as its something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Come along and support our newest café and shop.


Progress around town

Last week Dandelion moved from opposite the supermarket up to the vacated Thai Food place next to the new Kia Ora Diary. Their shop is bigger and has more really lovely looking things. There are to my own delight items for the Science Fiction fans. I’m hanging out till Wednesday so I can have a look inside instead of pressing my nose against the glass.

This afternoon I passed The Green Jersey Cycle Tours shop. They have taken up in the old Butchers shop on Daniell Street. I caught a gentleman putting up their new sign.

20140901-01_Featherston - The Green Jeresy Cycles shop

I’m looking forward to taking a look inside once its opened. They will also be a cycle repair shop, which is exciting, as I’m hoping to save up for a bicycle so I can take the boys cycling in the summer.

This means south of the railway lines all the shops, except the old Pizza place, are fully rented.

I also saw that the skinny shop between Totem and CTC is now occupied and setting up shop. Lots of that new paint smell and some interesting looking art already present. I’m looking forward to that one.

Since I’ve heard the old Dandelion shop is already rented, only the recently vacant Apothecary shop is empty north of the railway line.

Whoever is thinking of building more shops on the ZenGarden better hop to it. We’ve almost run out of shops!