meanwhile down the road in Greytown

I just saw this while reading the Wairarapa Times Age online. It seems the old Trusthouse 4 Square has new owners and they are making some big changes. Perhaps changes not as everyone is happy with. Have a read and let us know what you think.


Not the only place…

I think it’s safe to say we have a dog poo problem in Featherston. Dog poo is everywhere: on the footpaths, next to the footpaths, under bushes and around lamp posts. I’ve had it on the buggy wheels and the boys have stepped in it more than once. I have indeed seen dog walkers either ignoring their dog’s droppings or trying to hide it before walking off. The roaming dogs around the place just add to the problem. No one cares enough about those dogs to even keep them locked up, let alone pick up after them.

I giggle when I think of some of the big tough looking fellows who walk their dogs stopping to pick up poo. Perhaps they are just too bad ass to keep a couple of plastic bags in their pockets.

Still misery loves company and it’s nice to know we are not the only place having trouble with disrespectful dog owners. According to The Dom Post Tawa, Mt. Victoria and the Town Belt have joined us.

Just don’t get me started on barking dogs. You know ones that run out at you and bark and growl like they want to disembowel you.


Martinborough Community Centre

It appears the Martinborough Town Hall project has undergone some evolution. It is now the Martinborough Community Centre.

Looks nice doesn’t it? And they are using our rates to pay for it!

I’m a bit annoyed about this really. I mean, who is going to use it? How will the Communities who funded it, and I’m including Featherston and Greytown in this, going to benefit from it? Martinborough is a corner town, a small corner town with not alot going for it. It’s a destination town with nothing to go there for. If the Council chambers left that town would be done.

Actually I think the Council seat for the whole Wairarapa needs to be in Featherston. It’s the town before the hill and therefore will be central once any amalgamation happens with Wellington. It will be as far as any Wellington official is going to want to drive.

I think the money can be spent elsewhere to a greater benefit to our community.

Progress around town

Last week Dandelion moved from opposite the supermarket up to the vacated Thai Food place next to the new Kia Ora Diary. Their shop is bigger and has more really lovely looking things. There are to my own delight items for the Science Fiction fans. I’m hanging out till Wednesday so I can have a look inside instead of pressing my nose against the glass.

This afternoon I passed The Green Jersey Cycle Tours shop. They have taken up in the old Butchers shop on Daniell Street. I caught a gentleman putting up their new sign.

20140901-01_Featherston - The Green Jeresy Cycles shop

I’m looking forward to taking a look inside once its opened. They will also be a cycle repair shop, which is exciting, as I’m hoping to save up for a bicycle so I can take the boys cycling in the summer.

This means south of the railway lines all the shops, except the old Pizza place, are fully rented.

I also saw that the skinny shop between Totem and CTC is now occupied and setting up shop. Lots of that new paint smell and some interesting looking art already present. I’m looking forward to that one.

Since I’ve heard the old Dandelion shop is already rented, only the recently vacant Apothecary shop is empty north of the railway line.

Whoever is thinking of building more shops on the ZenGarden better hop to it. We’ve almost run out of shops!