In the News

I hope to record all the instances of the Zen Garden from the media. Please email any new ones you find that are not listed here.

2014 July 15 (Wairarapa Times Age) Residents to mould Featherston CBD

2014 June 26 (Wairarapa Times Age) Great to have ‘bloke places’

2014 June 26 (Wairarapa Times Age) October finish for Featherston Gateway

2014 June 26 (Wairarapa Times Age) Compromise over Menz Shed location

2014 June 25 (Wairarapa News) Page 2 Lobbying group surprised at support.

2014 June 11 (Wairarapa News) Upgrade to ‘bombed’ centre put on hold

2014 June 10 (Wairarapa Times Age) OPINION Featherston: Wishful thinking won’t work

2014 June 9 (Wairarapa Times Age) Submissions flow over town hall plans (there is mention of the Featherston Town Centre)

2014 June 6 (Wairarapa Times Age) Featherston revamp hits roadblock

2014 May 22 (Wairarapa Times Age) POLL: Where should council spend the money?

2014 May 21 (Wairarapa News) Protest over town hall upgrade

2014 May 20 (Wairarapa Times Age) Hundreds object to town hall project

2014 May 15 (Wairarapa Times Age) Public have say on vacant lot

2014 April 7 (Wairarapa Times Age) Deadline looms on main street views

2014 March 14 (Wairarapa Times Age) Put the thinking caps on

2014 February 17 (Wairarapa Times Age) OPINION: Turn for town to boost its image

2014 January 15 (Dominion Post) Work starts on $2.5m shopping centre

2014 January 14 (Wairarapa Times Age) Work starts on Featherston supermarket

2013 November 30 (Wairarapa Times Age) Featherston to get Men’s Shed

2013 October 4 (Wairarapa Times Age) OPINION: Seeds sown for anarchy

2013 August 30 (Wairarapa Times Age) Commercial value seen in Featherston land swap

2013 August 30 (Wairarapa Times Age) Residents cheer $2.5m facelift for Featherston

2013 August 28 (Dominion Post) Town square land swap a ‘win-win’

2013 August 26 (Dominion Post) New supermarket to fill Featherston Centre

2013 January 11 (Dominion Post) Featherston ‘eyesore’ set to remain indefinitely

2012 December 22 (Wairarapa Times Age) ‘Bomb site’ fate remains up in the air

2012 June 25 (Wairarapa Times Age) Fury over Featherston’s empty heart

2011 September 8 (Wairarapa Times Age) Supermarket on way

2010 August 25 (Wairarapa Times Age) Bomb proof post office

2010 July 7 (Dominion Post) Featherston development aims to create town centre of ‘greater soul’

2010 January 21 (Wairarapa Times Age) Old Post Office will not fold easily

2009 March 12 (Wairarapa Times Age) Featherston set to have supermarket complex



Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – George Santayana



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