a blow

I want to say something about this, Wairarapa Times Age: Dibble war art stymied over funds, but I’m having trouble of thinking what. I was looking forward to a good art instillation in Featherston. Not so keen on yet anther monument to war. So I guess I’m undecided.

Of course the whole Town Square thing is holding up a project I’m trying to work on to have the Telecommunications Building painted with a mural. But there are other things to work on while we wait for the Council to release the information…


I’m confused…

so Greytown holds a competition and gets a lovely new sign marking their town at a cost of $10,000. Not sure where that money came from but perhaps the Community Board.

and the Featherston Beautification Group has been struggling for funds for years and their design is still not fully funded and up?

Does this sound off to anyone else?

Is it just people having the wrong approach?

Is it a complete lack of insight on behalf of our current Community Board? (Depends on how long this has been going on.)

Some answers would be nice, but I doubt they will come, but I’m asking the question just the same. I’m just WTF?

Full Steam ahead…

Just saw in the online Times Age today that the Featherston Town Square will be going ahead. Not sure if there were any changes made by the designer regarding the feedback received.

So I’m now waiting on the viability of another project I’m working on, which is to pain the Telecommunications Building with a mural. Not me painting, that’s silly, but an artist and other community artists and the community. Guess I have some calls to make on Monday.

How about a bike track? I visited this in NapierĀ  over the Summer. My eldest loved it. That space would be perfect for it. And so many people would stop and locals would use it. We’d be there every day it wasn’t pouring down.

Just and idea.

Napier's Junior Bike Track