more on the Strategy 2033

If you don’t get a rates bill then you would not have seen this. I found our copy while looking for something else… Please take a look. This is consultation, so make the most of it.



Work to Start…

work to start

Good news everyone. Work is going to start on the Town Square!

I was alerted to this very small announcement, which might be an attempt to “communicate with the people of Featherston” on page 4 of Wairarapa News, November 25, 2015.

Pity that everyone I ask doesn’t actually want the Town Square now, in the form as advertised, especially since bits have been cut out of the plan.

I propose all those people who made submissions and who do not want the “cut-down” version of the Town Square write back to the Mayor and CEO telling them so. Make it clear that you made a submission and make it clear that you are either happy or unhappy with the Town Square as presented, with the changes they’ve made because of budget constraints.

BUT… If you want to see a copy of the working plans you will have to get to Martinborough to see them.

I encourage anyone who wants something simple to happen to the Zen Garden write to the Mayor and the CEO. Email, letter, or show up and have a rant at them. Just make yourself heard.

Zen Garden/Shingle Pit back in the media

The Zen Garden is back in the media after the meeting called by the Ginger Group on Monday night. More promises, more time. Some diversion with the painting of the Library and Old Courthouse/Information Centre.

Our heritage buildings need to be looked after. I hope it’s more than a lick of paint. I hope repairs are made too.

We need to be allowed to use the Zen Garden. It’s our space.

Car Boot Sale

Featherston School Gala is including a Car Boot Sale this year. (The Gala is on Saturday 14th, in case anyone wants to know, you should go, it’ll be awesome.)

Which got me back to thinking about why don’t we have a car boot sale on the Zen Garden. People are already using the space to sell their cars and even park their trucks.

Perhaps if a bunch of people just showed up, every Saturday, at the same time for a few hours?

Just pondering.

The howling wind…

As you may have noticed it got a little bit winder than usual, even for us, on Wednesday night. Come the morning the damage around town was evident. Fences, shed rooves and even one house roof. I saw the fence between the supermarket car park and the Zen Garden struan across the Zen Garden having been blown clean off at the base. Impressive. 

What it has done for me visually is opened up that space, joined the town back together a bit. 

While I’m here, I’ve been informed that the Ginger Group who, having already successfully called one town meeting, have  called another. It will be on Sunday 1 Nov in the ANZAC Hall at 5 pm. The meeting will only go for an hour with a chance for some social time afterwards till 7 pm.

Hidden gems: the Featherston 2033 strategy

I was looking on the SWDC website, ya know as you do, and found this little, er, gem. Featherston 2033 strategy.

This strategy brings together the Architecture Students work and other things around town. I know it was presented to the Featherston Community Board.

Who has seen this? Who knows about it? I’ve read it and I’ve got no idea what it actually means. It’s so pie in the sky it could be sub orbital.

I’d love to hear more about this strategy. Perhaps someone could write it in simple terms we mere mortals can understand.

All I can think of right now, is what is being done to us again.

Featherston’s main street in the press

Our little town and it’s main street was on TV on Monday night. On TV3 Story. Not the most flattering story. The Editor of the Wairarapa Times Age talks about it in his latest Editorial titles “Mocking a small town“.

I don’t know what to think about the TV story. It was kinda sad and kinda amusing at the same time. Small town bitterness and frustrations. It solved nothing, it did nothing except to make a stubborn man dig in a little more.

I’ve recently had a discussion with a man working with youth in our town. Why would the youth have pride in our town while the adults to not. They have a point. But I think Booktown has brought out that pride. The youth and the adults of this town should feel pride, not for the moment for how it looks with the run down buildings and Zen Garden, but because of the people.

I know the people, our Community, can go a long way to making this town great. so many of them already have gone a long way towards making this town great. Keep going, don’t stop. If something doesn’t work, try something else. If something has not being tried for a while, try again. As long as we don’t give up we will succeed.

what if?

What if the Council didn’t develop the Town Square?

What if the Council grassed, or pebbled (I prefer rocks and pebbles) the whole area?

What if someone then made a petanque court?

What if then someone else installed giant chess?

What if picnic tables turned up?

What would happen if WE in the Community did the things on the Zen Garden that WE wanted?

What would happen?

Just have a think? What would you do?

Would the world end?

Would cats and dogs love one another?

Would we have a space we would all use?

I think the third thing is more likely, don’t you?

Instant grassification not an option…

I attended the meeting on Monday night. Here is what the Wairarapa Times Age had to say about the meeting.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we, the residents of Featherston need to take action for ourselves. Lets set up some picnic tables and planter pots on the Zen Garden so we can use the space till the construction begins.

Let’s all meet for a picnic.

Once it stops raining!