Grand Opening with side of Shhhh!

The dramas with the Town Circle Opening continue!

The Wairarapa Times Ages has just gotta keep up! Things move fast in Featherston, although not as fast as the Council doing a partial about face on the reason the opening is at 7:30 am.

For three days the reason for the 7:30 am start has being to reduce electioneering. Now, after what must be hundreds of calls and thousands of FB posts the Wairarapa Times Age reports in its article “Grumbles over early morning blessing” that it’s for the blessing. Which I’ve been told should be done at dawn, but is been done an hour later. So, yea, not sure what to think.

Come on, make up your mind! Pick a story and stick to it!

A Community Led event has been organised by a few proactive and lovely people. Good on them I say.

I also got wind of a horse show on later that same day that a certain person usually enters, and having shown Arab horses with my mother, I know an early start is the best start.

I’m still showing up in my PJs with coffee and a packet of TimTams.

See you there.


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