Why am I not surprised?

I return from a week medieval camping to discover that the work on the Featherston Town Square has being delayed, till May…

I don’t know what to say. By the time work is scheduled to be complete (revised dates of course) we would have been walking this path for over two years.

How many new people have moved to Featherston in that time? How many people have left? How much have opinions changed? How sick are people of the delays and broken timelines?

Yes the work will start in the New Year. Which one is my question. Will we have another year of delays and revised timelines and plans?

It’s time this was all made public in a Featherston space, not in the Council Chambers in Martinborough. All the meeting minutes need to be made public. Every decision point needs to be explained and made public. All the plans need be made public.

To use a phrase from a child’s movie. I am sad mad.




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