Work to Start…

work to start

Good news everyone. Work is going to start on the Town Square!

I was alerted to this very small announcement, which might be an attempt to “communicate with the people of Featherston” on page 4 of Wairarapa News, November 25, 2015.

Pity that everyone I ask doesn’t actually want the Town Square now, in the form as advertised, especially since bits have been cut out of the plan.

I propose all those people who made submissions and who do not want the “cut-down” version of the Town Square write back to the Mayor and CEO telling them so. Make it clear that you made a submission and make it clear that you are either happy or unhappy with the Town Square as presented, with the changes they’ve made because of budget constraints.

BUT… If you want to see a copy of the working plans you will have to get to Martinborough to see them.

I encourage anyone who wants something simple to happen to the Zen Garden write to the Mayor and the CEO. Email, letter, or show up and have a rant at them. Just make yourself heard.


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