Zen it up

I hear the land between the Trusthouse fence and the space that one day will be the Town Square is now available for sale. Here I was thinking the Council was asking for expressions of interest.

I have an expression of interest. Actually hubby came home and made this suggestion.

Most of town already call it the Zen Garden, so just lets just make it into a Zen Garden. Low hedging, seats, gravel, rakes and big rocks placed in meaningful ratios. (I love the big rock idea, I love big rocks and I cannot lie).

It would become a place to have lunch in the sun, and if its done right out of the wind. Oh and build in a Petanque court. Oh and a giant chess set. Oh and a children’s bicycle track around the outside complete with lights and crossings.

Can the Council do that? Can an individual with money do that? Perhaps, and I’m being really cheeky here, the Avatar park of contemplation?

Just an idea.


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