pimp our main street

I’ve just been reading the Wairarapa Times Age online. Two very interesting articles this morning. The first is “A dash of TLC to transform Carterton CBD” the second is “4.1m revamp for Masterton CBD“. Sounds great!

So what is the South Wairarapa Council doing for it’s three towns?

I got an email yesterday about a meeting that’s going to happen tonight called “Featherston 2033” strategy. So far I’ve not seen very positive replies. Both I’ve seen in fact have been negative, one very negative.

I strongly suggest that if you care about this town and the community at all that you go along at 6:30 pm TONIGHT (Tuesday) at the Kiwi Hall in Featherston. Tell your friends, spread the word. Lets fill the hall and respond with your heart to what they have to say. Because from the “slides” I’ve seen its pretty crap and once again already decided on whats going to happen.

You can view the document here on the SWDC website.

Time for Action!

Edit: The meeting mentioned above has been cancelled. Apparently it was to be a closed meeting, but that wasn’t communicated clearly. Pity it would have been a very interesting public meeting if it was. Good news now is that we don’t have to go out in this horrible weather.


2 thoughts on “pimp our main street

  1. Holy crap! What a shocker! I can’t tell if this is wind up or not. Is this one of those Featherston Chronicle piss takes maybe?

    I just went through the attached presentation slides and it’s all straight up hogwash. Not even very good hogwash at that. Vague, dull hogwash. I had to look up who this guy was and what the company did – and while I found no evidence of them having any experience whatsoever in urban planning – it would seem they do have some experience in the farming and property sectors helping business get around the RMA. Helping the SWDC to extend their permit to pollute the region’s fresh waterways for another 35 years before needing to do anything about it, appears to be a bit of a crowning achievement for the company according to their resume. Cow-wash then. [Disturbingly, when I checked the consultant’s twitter feed, the web page informed me that ‘I might also be interested in checking out the twitter feed of the ACT Party as well’.]

    Credentials and track-record aside, the actual content and quality of the ‘vision’ and ‘objectives’ articulated in the slides and the attached document… is… well, terribly lame, underwhelming and hardly visionary. I’d swap just one panel on one of the VUW student’s project posters, for all the meek ideas and hollow rhetoric about ‘a vibrant town’ contained in the ‘Featherston 2033’ slides.

    Is this really the architect we want of our town’s future?

    Copied with permission from an email received from Chris.

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