Martinborough Community Centre

It appears the Martinborough Town Hall project has undergone some evolution. It is now the Martinborough Community Centre.

Looks nice doesn’t it? And they are using our rates to pay for it!

I’m a bit annoyed about this really. I mean, who is going to use it? How will the Communities who funded it, and I’m including Featherston and Greytown in this, going to benefit from it? Martinborough is a corner town, a small corner town with not alot going for it. It’s a destination town with nothing to go there for. If the Council chambers left that town would be done.

Actually I think the Council seat for the whole Wairarapa needs to be in Featherston. It’s the town before the hill and therefore will be central once any amalgamation happens with Wellington. It will be as far as any Wellington official is going to want to drive.

I think the money can be spent elsewhere to a greater benefit to our community.


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