So, there is this thing called Notification. It seams to happen when somebody like Council? want to change or add in a significant way to Public property. Say putting a building on Council land that is zoned a park, or some such. I’m a little vague on the details. I cannot easily find anything in the Local Government Act. But I’ve been sick with the flu so I’m a little off my game.

The movement of the BottleO onto the site proposed has not been Notified.

Notification, as far as I can tell, gives the public time to object to the placement of any such building.

But its not been done in this case. No explanation as to why, but that’s been the theme of this pony show all along.

So the BottleO is going in a place where no one closely involved actually wants it. There has been no Notification process to allow public address or opinion and only one Community Board member seamed concerned by this.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions… 


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