A group formed from rallying around the #FeatherstonZenGarden


July 8, 2014

Featherston finds a voice

At a meeting on July 4, South Wairarapa Mayor, Adrienne Staples, invited the newly established Featherston Resident and Ratepayers Association (FRRA) to be a part of the Featherston Town Centre Working Party.

The Chairman of the FRRA, Perry Cameron, said “One of our goals is to engage with the Council on issues that impact Featherston, so this is a great first step. We would like to see Featherston transformed into a vibrant and attractive gateway to the Wairarapa.”

The FRRA believes an urban designer should be employed to explore and present options for the development of the town centre. This would include looking at Featherston’s unique challenges and opportunities and would take into account submissions already made by community members.

On June 29, at a packed out meeting, members of the Featherston community elected a committee for the FRRA. The association has been formed to build a relationship with territorial authorities to get the best possible results for the Featherston community.

If you want more information or are interested in joining the FRRA contact the secretary, Robyn Ramsden, on 021 303 553 or email featherstonrra@gmail.com

Enquires: Perry Cameron, Chairman FRRA

06 308 6938




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