The waiting game

The problem, I suspect, with having a blog around an empty lot, is that for long periods of time nothing happens. The flurry of activity around the Annual Plan has stopped. A decision has been made on the MenzShed relocation, its not due to happen for a few weeks yet. Though I plan to take photos of the relocation. We can dream of a new fence, or at least the mess of one that is there coming down so it looks less like a forgotten place. Perhaps some levelling out and rounded river gravel put in place that can be walked on and parked on in the mean time…

Meanwhile the school holidays are on the youth are back at the skate park. Great to see it been used. This does leave me wondering how to engage with the towns youth. What do they want to see happen? What kinds of things to they want to see in their space? Because like it or not the skate park is their space. I did see, one sunny afternoon, some young people mucking about on Clifford Square. They looked comfortable and relaxed. That, I thought, was nice. Always in the back of my mind is that in 10 years, I’m going to have youth. What will they do? Where will they hang out? Will we have dozens of them over at our place like it was when I was growing up? Or will my boys be out and about?


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